Sending vendor payments

1. Connect your ERP system to XTendLink, our centralized Bank Data Conversion Server. Complete with thousands of maintained formats.

2. AMC handles the maintenance of all bank formats on an external server, this means you always have access to the newest formats without installing hotfixes.

3. Get access to all the developed payment types, right in your ERP system. This usually includes Domestic ACC2ACC, Express payments, Reference payments, SEPA payments and International ACC2ACC.

4. Our module adds all the extra fields necessary for a complete payment file, this means no manual work needs to be made in the payment files.

5. Access to AMC’s flexible payment approval system. Create approver rules in XTendLink and secure your payment processes. See security features below.

6. Extended Localization based payment types such as FIK, KID, GIRO, Wires, SEPA and many more are supported.

7. Automatically generated remittance report, showing what invoices are paid. Ready to be emailed to the vendor with the click of a button.

8. Collective payment can be used when paying multiple invoices to the same vendor at once, can in many cases substitute the remittance report.

9. Supports the use of Positive Pay files, recommended for avoiding check fraud.

10. Free naming of payment files to account for some banks specific filename requirements.