Bank Reconciliation

1. Import bank statements from hundreds of banks into your ERP system, thousands of formats supported. XTendLink recognize the bank statements automatically and import your data correctly.

2. AMC’s reconciliation functionalities are using intelligent algorithms to match payments with open invoices using high, medium, low matching rates. A correctly set up system can automatch over 90% of your incoming payments automatically, structured and unstructured.

3. Automatch your payment lines, using the statement text. The system scans for information such as invoice number, account name etc.

4. Automatch your payment lines, using transaction references, to increase matching percent. If the bank supply the files with extended reference numbers, these are scanned as well.

5. After the automated reconciliation process all proposals are created for the “left overs”

6. Get a complete overview of all your payment related information, such as statements, transaction details, customer payments and vendor payments centralized from all your banks in XTendLink.