AMC DirectDebit for Microsoft Dynamics AX

AMC DirectDebit Classic for Microsoft Dynamics AX

AMC Direct Debit is a standard module for Microsoft Dynamics AX designed for companies who wish a secure and efficient handling of collections!

  • AMC Direct Debit provides facilities for the collection of debts created in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The module is able to send bills through various banking centers in different countries. For a complete list of supported countries, please check – List of supported countries.
    If your Direct Debit module does not contain the required bank center, please contact AMC in order to investigate the possibilities of integration with the desired bank branch.
  • AMC Direct Debit provides facilities to receive payment files containing customer payments received on the basis of the charges that have been sent from AMC Direct Debit. These payments are imported into a journal, and the status of the current collection will be updated in order for the payment to be posted.
  • AMC Direct Debit provides facilities for the delivery and cancellation of debts to the individual charging solutions, and thus maintain a contract register for these.
Key Functionality

  • Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Supports SEPA Direct Debit
  • Provides significant time savings. – Easy, fast and secure
  • Optimizes cash flow. – Collect your debits on time
  • Makes it easy to identify deposits
  • Fewer operations
  • Easier and uniformed plugin cross different collection centers
  • Centralized maintenance of direct debit formats
  • Handling and maintenance of mandates form within Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Support of status files from the bank. (You get feedback from the bank whether a withdraw succeed or not)
  • Support electronic mandat communication to the bank. Less paperwork and optimized processes.
  • Support of “host to host solution”. No local files is located at your company’s Network. (Secure and easier to use)
  • Possibility of mail advise your customers

AMC Direct Debit supports SEPA!

AMC Direct Debit supports SEPA Direct Debit.

Please contact AMC for details:

+45 38 88 88 70

Significant time saving

AMC Direct Debit facilitates handling from AX by replacing manual processes with easy, fast and secure electronic processes that save time and money and minimize error risks – regardless of the amount of deposits.

Full integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX

AMC Direct Debit is designed for integration with the standard version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The module provides no specific requirements for Microsoft Dynamics AX or requirements for the company’s software or hardware.

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