AMC Banking for Microsoft Dynamics AX

AMC Banking Plus for Microsoft Dynamics AX

AMC Banking Plus supports file based and direct (Host2Host) integration to +70 banks! Besides supporting file based integration, the module also offers centralized approval of payments in AX and secure transfer of payments to the bank without having to store the files locally first. Another key functionality is the ability to automatically import bank statements without any manual handling.

Please note that the number of supported banks growing rapidly. Please visit supported banks for an update.

Create your payment in AX – press “send to bank” and your payments are automatically and secured transferred to your bank and ready to be approved. The module offers a ground-breaking new way of interfacing to banks, and is offered exclusively by AMC Banking.

Key Functionality

  • Support for +400 banks throughout the world – learn more
  • Secure communication of outgoing payments or account statements
  • Automatic posting of recurring ledger transaction based on Business Codes
  • Automatic matching of customer payments based on user configurable search strings
  • The solution can easy be upgraded to AMC Banking Enterprise
  • Revolutionized reconciliation automatics
  • Cross company support
  • Charts – Easy and graphical overview of your bank transactions

Secure communication of outgoing payments, no unsecured files

Secure communication of outgoing payments, no unsecured files.
AMC Banking Plus guarantees a total security, when you create a payment, there are no option and risk of manipulation by third party.

SEPA support

AMC Banking Plus supports SEPA (single domestic payments area). Be ready for SEPA in a moment in the standard bank functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Supported Banks List


Makes it easy and safe to take the control of bank processes and cash flow to the next level with focus on the processes, performance and a high level of safety.

Support of “host to host solution”, no exchange of files.

In AMC Banking Plus you have to neither upload nor download any files, all transmission and communication do not involve file creation.

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Automatic account reconciliation

The account statements is imported and reconciled automatically. The reconciliation process is using several algorithms for reconcile the transactions. The reconciliations is graduated and you are able to review the process. Differences is easy to repost as well. Saves time and minimize personal incorrect entries.

Automatic handling of incoming payments

Using a unique algorithm, AMC Banking supports all types of incoming payment (structured and unstructured). The module group all data according to level of recognition (High, medium and low).

Centralized maintenance of bank formats

All bank formats is handled in the AMC bank format converter. No need to worry about maintaining bank formats manually.

Supported Banks List

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